Welcome to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

A registered charity, made up entirely of volunteers. An integral part of the national search and rescue service, we are called out through the 999 system and cover an area of approx 309 square miles across Wigan, Darwen, Bolton, Leigh, Eccles and parts of Greater Manchester. 

In case of an emergency, DIAL 999, ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’

Give all your prepared details of the incident and ‘STAY WHERE YOU ARE’ until contacted by the rescue team.

If you have to make a further 999 call, follow this procedure in full again.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

The chances are you will never need our services however, since 1968, over five hundred people have. Injured walkers, fell runners, climbers, paragliders, mountain bikers and even the odd stranded sheep were more than pleased to see us. Our knowledge of terrain and conditions, combined with specialist equipment, vehicles, training and casualty care were vital in returning them to safety.

But our work isn’t just about moors and mountains. Through our links with both Lancashire and Greater Manchester Police and the Northwest Ambulance Service, many of our call outs involve missing person searches, or assisting the ambulance service during severe weather conditions and where access to a casualty is difficult.

On Call 24 Hours

Search & Rescue

Casulty Care

Event Support

Call Outs

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Latest News

Our capabilities

We are a 100% voluntary organisation using our specialist equipment and training to support our local emergency services with missing person searches, casulty extraction and assistance in poor weather conditions.

  • Search Planning & Management
  • Specialist Casulty Care
  • Casulty Extraction
  • Technical Rope Rescue
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Flood Response

The areas we cover

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team cover an area of approximatley 309 square miles across Lancashire & Greater Manchester

  • Darwen
  • Wigan
  • Leigh
  • Bolton
  • Eccles
  • Greater Manchester